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Country Diary for week Ending 2nd September

The last week of winter was wet and windy, but we managed to get some building work done for some seating and the wood fired pizza oven.    The first day of spring was announced with an asparagus spear punching out of the ground, where it was promptly munched by some red-legged earth mites.

I missed most of the sunrises this week either because it was cloudy or I slept in.  The welcome swallows have finished their new nest and feathered it with the black and white spotted feathers of the guinea fowl.  We turned over the compost bins and planted some shrubs to mark the graves of some of our birds.

The horses were out and about doing their thing, and I photographed 2 very common yellow flowers, one a weed and one a native, and caught the metallic sheen on a hover fly.


Country Diary for week ending 27/05/13

This week on the farm, I found a range of fungi so created a new category for blog posts.

I spent a bit of time at the dam watching the level rise, mourning our scuba diving duck and pondering sustainability.

Leaves are appearing for orchids that won’t flower for another 3 months (if at all) and we found a woody pear.

The goats have settled in, but unsettled the horses.

rhubarb bolete

roll rim funnel pax