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Country Diary for week ending 5th August

It definitely feels like the coldest of the winter weather has passed and spring has sprung.  The morning temperatures are hovering around 10-12 C (50-55F), so no jacket required when mucking out the stables.

There is a riot of yellow down near the dam with the various wattles in flower. We found the first Pink Fairy Orchid in the forest about 3 weeks earlier than last year and six weeks on, the Midge orchids are still blooming.

I took a different track for photographing the sunrise, Bowie is following a different path to avoid the goats, water baby Auspicious took a bath and sort-of-farm-dog Shorty found some rats in the rockpile.

The week was all about increasing our food production.  We fenced in some of the vege beds, the chickens helped with the cultivation and we assembled a greenhouse.

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Country Diary for week ending 15th July

A couple of days after our first frost, we are having warmer than average nights and above average rainfall.  I am still a slave to the sunrise, loving the colours, and trying to capture them all.

The Oats are looking lush and are tempting the horses, which may happen as apparently it is good to graze the oats to “tiller” them and increase the yield.

27 yo horse Bowie was distressed at the start of the week, pregnant goat Midge is starting to show, and young Roo was home alone, then reunited with the others.

I found our first earthstar fungi and our first snail orchids of the year, but the best first was seeing some baby goats being born.

Country Diary for week ending 24th June 2013

Last week we had a shaggy bolete, this week it was a woolly goat and a hairy paddock as the oats germinated.   I also found 2 unusual mushrooms, one in shape and one in type, and another orchid started to flower.

We also had the shortest day and the biggest moon for the year and I had fun experimenting with the camera, finally getting it off auto and experimenting with aperture, film and shutter speeds.    I got some lovely macro shots of raindrops, an eerie morning shot of a sunshower and caught sight of our Destructors.

The clouds before the rain were beautiful and we ended up with 58mm on the 23rd.

Country Diary for week ending 27/05/13

This week on the farm, I found a range of fungi so created a new category for blog posts.

I spent a bit of time at the dam watching the level rise, mourning our scuba diving duck and pondering sustainability.

Leaves are appearing for orchids that won’t flower for another 3 months (if at all) and we found a woody pear.

The goats have settled in, but unsettled the horses.

rhubarb bolete

roll rim funnel pax