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Country Diary for fortnight ending 16th September

I haven’t posted for 2 weeks as we were busy with our new arrivals, Rose and Crumpler.  Of course, this post is mostly about baby goats because they are so cute, but in addition to all the excitement around the birth of twin girls, the chickens are back on the layMama Hen went broody, the Guinea Fowl started laying, I got Flash back into work , we sprung into spring then lurched back into winter.

With all the bad weather Brad spent some productive hours in the shed and recycled some materials to make a flip-flop hoof-stand and a butcher’s block milking stand.

Our oats have “headed” and the coral vine is running rampant through the forest.  I caught a couple of sunrises before the clouds came back.

Most of the posts are about the baby goats, and I have included some video of them getting to their feet for the first time, first feeding and first pronking.   Poor Midge injured the left side of the udder, so much of the activity last week has been managing that.

Just click on any of the pictures for the full story.