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Country Diary for week ending 30th June

This week I got up close (well close-ish) and personal with some kangaroos, spotting a big male one day, then mum and bub pretty close to the house.

We had a couple of light rain days with 8mm each time, but mostly it was a calm and sunny week.  The Oats are loving the combination of sunshine and rain and are looking good.

I captured some beautiful images of raindrops and reflections. The Guineas are courting,  the horses were relaxing in the sun and I bathed a chicken for the first time.    I found some large Laughing Jim mushrooms which are sometimes hallucinogenic.


It rained

Finally, after being promised rain for most of April and getting 2mm in the first 2 days of April, on Saturday, we got over 30mm in 30 minutes and 50mm over the 2 days, one of the most intense rain events we have seen here.  Two inches in “old money” and the ground is ready to receive the oats for our hay crop.