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Country Diary for week ending 26th August

It was a wonderful week, full of variety:  with a cool foggy morning, more rain to add to the floods; and, two warm sunny days which made me look forward to spring.

I considered the future of some pests: lupins, rabbits and black field crickets; and photographed a couple of prickly customers.

There is a lot more obvious bird activity, and I recorded the warbling chirps of the Welcome Swallows as they rebuild their nest, caught a kookaburra catching the worm, and saw spots on the yellow-rumped Thornbill.

The most exciting thing was feeling a baby goat moving inside Midge.  There are only about 10 days to go, so I am checking for signs of impending labour morning and night.  If she has more than 1 kid, she could go early.

The sun rises before 7am as we accelerate towards spring.

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Country Diary for week ending 19th August

Spring had a bit of a false start this week with the arrival of the Welcome Swallows and some perennials bursting into colour before rain stopped play and temperatures plummeted.

I captured images of some iconic Australian species and a rare phenomenon called a Holy Halo.

The sun is rising earlier and sliding round to the south, I was relieved to see just rabbits in the rockpile, but felt guilty admiring our most prolific weed.

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Country Diary for week ending 10th June 2013

It was a busy week on the farm as we sowed oats for the hay to feed the horses and goats.  We killed weeds, raked the seedbed, picked up stones, then sowed, harrowed, rolled and fertilised.  It took 3 days – even harrowing after dark –  but we finished 2 hours before the rain came.

Brad cut firewood and filled the wood store, the guinea fowl were hunted by a variety of predators, we saw our first Whistling and Black Shouldered Kites and think we found our first edible mushroom

Country Diary for week ending 3rd June 2013

We recorded double the average May rainfall for the region with 240mm for the month.  As a result our dam is overflowing to the creek at least 6 weeks earlier than last year.

27 y.o. horse Bowie conquered his fear of the goats and ran past them to greener pastures and a whole range of mostly poisonous mushrooms appeared.

A massive wedge tailed eagle flew overhead and a couple more flowers appeared, a lovely lomandra and our first greenhood orchid.