Country Diary for week ending 29th July

It was a wet and windy week with over 70mm of rain taking us up to 150mm for the month of July which is slightly above average.  The east of the property is under water for the first time in 4 years.

I got my first pictures of a family of red-tailed black cockatoos and a large flock of ibis, and some more pictures of a family of kangaroos.

We made good progress with the new oat paddock with the neighbour ploughing it for us.   I was pleased to see the richness of the soil and almost wept with joy that there were almost no rocks to pick up.

I am continuing my love affair with the sunrise, catching a beautiful silver sun and also caught my first sun setting over the horizon.

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Country Diary for week ending 22nd July

I am still in awe of the beauty of this place and taking photos everyday, which even helped me discover a new view.  I got a special two for one sunrise package – with bonus streaker  – and  faced a watershed moment when I decided that an image I took of the sky before an actual sunrise was good enough.

Mama is back to full strength and a few days after admiring her healthy plumage she laid her first egg in 2 months.   Chicken is still being cuddly and Flash is getting fit by jousting with Auspicious.

On the farm, we are thinking ahead and preparing a new paddock for the oats next year, so were busy over the weekend slashing weeds and picking up rocks….again……

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Country Diary for week ending 15th July

A couple of days after our first frost, we are having warmer than average nights and above average rainfall.  I am still a slave to the sunrise, loving the colours, and trying to capture them all.

The Oats are looking lush and are tempting the horses, which may happen as apparently it is good to graze the oats to “tiller” them and increase the yield.

27 yo horse Bowie was distressed at the start of the week, pregnant goat Midge is starting to show, and young Roo was home alone, then reunited with the others.

I found our first earthstar fungi and our first snail orchids of the year, but the best first was seeing some baby goats being born.

Country Diary for week ending 7th July

The first week of July gave us a range of beautiful sunrises and our first ever frost on the property.

Thankfully the mushrooms are nearing the end of their season and there are only a few new ones around.  It has been quite stressful keeping up with and trying to identify all the fungi.

Our Anglo Nubian cross dairy goat Midge turned 2 on Independence Day, I took photos of some endangered Baudin’ s Cockatoos and spotted a lizard out sunbathing.

I took photos of the chickens bottoms and Brad recycled some plough discs into a fire-pit.





















































Country Diary for week ending 30th June

This week I got up close (well close-ish) and personal with some kangaroos, spotting a big male one day, then mum and bub pretty close to the house.

We had a couple of light rain days with 8mm each time, but mostly it was a calm and sunny week.  The Oats are loving the combination of sunshine and rain and are looking good.

I captured some beautiful images of raindrops and reflections. The Guineas are courting,  the horses were relaxing in the sun and I bathed a chicken for the first time.    I found some large Laughing Jim mushrooms which are sometimes hallucinogenic.

Country Diary for week ending 24th June 2013

Last week we had a shaggy bolete, this week it was a woolly goat and a hairy paddock as the oats germinated.   I also found 2 unusual mushrooms, one in shape and one in type, and another orchid started to flower.

We also had the shortest day and the biggest moon for the year and I had fun experimenting with the camera, finally getting it off auto and experimenting with aperture, film and shutter speeds.    I got some lovely macro shots of raindrops, an eerie morning shot of a sunshower and caught sight of our Destructors.

The clouds before the rain were beautiful and we ended up with 58mm on the 23rd.

Country Diary for week ending 17th June 2013

I am feeling a little overwhelmed trying to identify and record all the different species of fungi and we are only 2 weeks into winter.  I have described over 20 already in a rainbow of fungi and there are over a dozen photos waiting in the draft folder.

We had some perfect winter weather with sunny days and still mornings.  4mm of rain fell overnight on Thursday with another 2mm on Sunday.  The oats have started to germinate after 8 days.

The old horse Bowie is still wary of the goats and we are still harvesting zucchini.