Country Diary for week ending 26th August

It was a wonderful week, full of variety:  with a cool foggy morning, more rain to add to the floods; and, two warm sunny days which made me look forward to spring.

I considered the future of some pests: lupins, rabbits and black field crickets; and photographed a couple of prickly customers.

There is a lot more obvious bird activity, and I recorded the warbling chirps of the Welcome Swallows as they rebuild their nest, caught a kookaburra catching the worm, and saw spots on the yellow-rumped Thornbill.

The most exciting thing was feeling a baby goat moving inside Midge.  There are only about 10 days to go, so I am checking for signs of impending labour morning and night.  If she has more than 1 kid, she could go early.

The sun rises before 7am as we accelerate towards spring.

Just click on any of the pictures for the full story.


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