Country Diary for week ending 12th August

During the week, writer Jon Katz shared that photography was becoming more important in his blog as he was “learning the hard and difficult lesson that sometimes images tell a story much better than my words.”  I took that lesson to the next level this week and added sounds to a number of my posts.  I am not a writer or photographer and figured that an extra dimension would help convey more about life on the farm.

You can hear a pobblebonk frog, Baudins Cockatoos, and Rumples, Chicken and the Guinea Fowl singing for their supper.  The sound I didn’t get was the clapping pigeon as it took me by surprise.  I spotted a hover fly for the first time and had to chase a guinea fowl who had got trapped in the goat paddock.

It was a wet and cloudy week so there were not as many sunrise shots and four ducks photobombed one I did get and enacted part of Star Wars 4 as I tried to photograph the morning rays. I got caught in a real cloudburst and almost lost a boot in some quicksand.

I thought more about our future food supply checking up on the Tagasaste fodder crop for the goats and getting my milking equipment ready as Midge gives birth in four weeks.

Just click on any of the pictures for the full stories.


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